Kitchen Benchtops

Especially in kitchens that contain an island, the benchtop is a central piece that sets the tone for the space. 

We can install a benchtop that stands out in the space or a more subdued piece that gives it a more subtle and welcoming touch. We have a variety of benchtops in our range that you can choose from with a vast choice of finishes to suit your individual style.

If you are looking for a finish that gives the appearance of most expensive and glossy benchtops without the hefty price tag, 20 millimeter Caesarstone is a great option to consider. Perhaps one of the most versatile materials out there, we can install Caesarstone benchtops in a variety of colours and styles to ensure that your kitchen is absolutely stunning. The kitchen cabinets, doors, flooring and splashbacks are also a big factor to consider.

Another option is to utilize timber benchtops that will give your kitchen benchtop a more natural and earthy feel. European Walnut timber has a dark brown colour, while Ash has a yellow tone. You can also use bamboo, which features a unique grain pattern. We always apply a waterproof protective coating to our timber benchtops to make them more resistant to water and prevent stains.

Our most popular benchtop for our restaurant kitchen clients is stainless steel. Steel benchtops are highly resistant to impact, sharp objects and fluids. These are also built to last years of heavy use (or even abuse) and you can count on these to withstand whatever you throw at them.

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